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Protecting Coach Operators' Reputations

With over 25 years of experience working with both large and small operators alike, we provide the expertise, knowledge and technology to assist in providing essential evidence footage for your fleets.

Our on-board CCTV systems are deployed on coaches around the globe, and we work closely to meet the ever growing surveillance requirements of our customers such as National Express and Megabus UK and Europe. We also have long standing relationships with bodybuilders including ADL, Wrightbus, Optare, Caetano and Mercedes.

Synectics offers an industry expert, complete turnkey surveillance system for coach operators.

Improving Driver Awareness with Telematics

Working with Anthony's Travel, Synectics supports and maintains CCTV systems on their fleet of over 1,600 vehicles. Richard Bamber, Partner of Anthony's Travel, said: “We’ve had complaints that turned out to be totally unfounded. If it wasn’t for CCTV, drivers would have no back-up, no protection."

"Once it filters down to drivers that the purpose of having CCTV is to protect them, not persecute them, then they’re all for it. My drivers have really bought into the value of using CCTV and now tend to tell me about incidents before they’re reported by the public, or tell me there’s a bit of footage they want me to look at. It’s very rare that we have to discipline the driver after looking at evidence. But if the equipment means drivers think before they speak, that’s not a bad thing.””

Five Reasons for Coach CCTV >>

1. Go IP via Hybrid

Reap the benefits of IP CCTV technology without having to commit to an all-IP set up. Hybrid systems are available that can accommodate feeds both from the IP and analogue cameras.

2. Integrate Onboard Systems

You can make your CCTV system work harder by integrating it with on-board entertainment, telematics and other systems.

3. Let the System Health Check Itself

Keeping track of all mission-critical system is nigh impossible. Modern mobile systems can check their own health and report back any faults.

4. Command and Control

New CCTV software allows you to see the big picture, and overlay footage with vehicle signals and map information, along with view feeds from a control room.

5. Faster Access

Footage can be accessed ever faster, retrieved remotely, shared wirelessly or viewed live via 3G/4G.

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