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Optimising Passenger Comfort and Safety

Using our extensive experience in the transport industry, Synectics creates solutions that provide significant operational benefits and efficiencies.

Our on-board CCTV systems for rail and tram are deployed on around the globe, and we work closely to meet the ever growing surveillance requirements of our customers such as Alstom Transport UK, Keolis, Supertram, Tramlink and DLR London, City Munich SWM, Skoda Transport and Deutsche Bahn DB.

Synectics offers an complete turnkey surveillance system for all rail, tram and metro operators.

Tackling Crime and Threats to Public Safety

Nexus was experiencing major problems with crime and threats to the safety of the general public and their staff.

Synectics created an innovative solution, integrated and delivered through Nexus’ high capacity network to create a virtual matrix, and across the Nexus estate by installing state of the art CCTV and help points in each station and the surrounding environment.

After liaising with five Local Authorities and the police to create a fully integrated and supported security network, we delivered a surveillance system across all stations monitored at the central Metro control room, and enabled with priorities determined to allow control of cameras from any control facility today.

We are working with Nexus and their main contractor, Serco, to increase safety and security around the busy ticketing and gating areas in stations, as well as on the on train systems for 60 out of the fleet of 90 trains.

Five Reasons for Rail & Tram CCTV >>

1. Prevent Incidents from Occurring

2. Ensure Staff and Passenger Safety

3. Optimise Passenger Comfort

4. Command and Control

5. Faster Access

Rail in Focus: Unlocking the Benefits of Converged Surveillance

Our new white paper looks at how transport networks can become smarter, safer, and more connected, through the convergence of on-vehicle and trackside surveillance.

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