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The Power of Integration

Joining up elements of on-board and back-office systems, Synectics has the capability to combine communications (e.g. 4G & Wi-Fi), data and video (e.g. Digital Video Recorders and telematics ), and management platforms (for example Synectics’ own Synergy 3 software) into one, customer focused, integrated solution.

We’ve made a lot of progress in developing our understanding of operators’ needs for more integrated systems. Any integration, via back office, or on the vehicle, needs to be reliable and deliver real operational benefits for our customers, simply by maximizing the use of wireless or cellular communications can generate efficiencies and help automate previously manual processes.

Reduced Resources

By providing the capability to integrate back-office processes and CCTV on the same platform, Synectics is removing a number of hurdles between the point at which footage is used and the point at which it is generated. Reducing unnecessary man hours and speeding up footage search and retrieval can tighten claims processes significantly.

Stay Connected

With large fleets recording for long periods, the efficiency of footage handling and the management of a large number of on-board systems is an important issue for operators. Wireless connectivity alone can help in both areas, with potential for significant efficiency savings.

Wi-Fi access to on-board DVRs means physical visits to the vehicle are no longer routinely necessary to download footage. The functioning of the recorder can also be checked without a physical visit – automatic health checker functionality carries this out via wireless connection at depot or cellular connection whilst on the move, alerting CCTV reviewers to a fault straightaway.

Footage can also be pre-requested for download from the vehicle on its return to the depot and will therefore be available the next day – without staff having to be physically there at night to retrieve it.

Telematics Data

Another benefit of integration is the more holistic picture across vehicle data that can be used to manage fleets more effectively and reduce running costs via telematics. With operators under increasing pressure to minimise operating expenditure to retain a competitive edge, journey and vehicle data analysis is becoming the key to reducing fuel consumption and other vehicle running costs.

While data analysis is already an important part of today’s recording and telematics systems, there is even further potential in this area.

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