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Proactive Risk Management for your Fleet

Synectics Genius journey analysis and data management tool has been specifically developed to help our customers reduce their operating costs and improve the passenger experience.

Synectics developed the Genius telematics system to assist transport operators in improving driver performance and, in so doing, reduce accidents and vehicle wear and tear, improve passenger comfort and cut fuel costs.

Using Genius enables a low-risk approach to transport management, leading to reduced insurance premiums and enhanced insurance terms. In addition, the system's in-built GPS and route monitoring is able to provide confirmation of service performance, ensuring Service Level Agreements are being met.

Genius automatically collects vehicle and driver data including excessive vehicle movement, acceleration and braking. Utilising an integrated GPRS module, this data is relayed and analysed by Synectics and presented in the form of easy to read reports that show driver, vehicle and route performance, and their performance over time.

The Genius telematics system's cab-mounted, LED indicators give instant feedback on performance allowing drivers to focus on the most fuel-efficient way of driving.

Synectics provides a suite of standard Genius reports for viewing driver performance. These can be either viewed on-line in a web browser or downloaded as an Excel file, allowing the data to be analysed for comparative driver / vehicle / route performance. Bespoke reports can also be provided by the Genius support team.

CCTV Health Checker

The Genius CCTV Health Checker is an essential building block of adopting a risk management based approach to transport services. It will automatically check that all CCTV systems are fully operational during vehicle start-up. In the event of an incident, it is vital that all CCTV systems are fully operational. In addition to CCTV systems, Genius can be configured to provide health-check data on any systems within the vehicle, such as CCTV, doors, engine or any combination of alarm triggers. These can also be transmitted in real-time to allow prompt and proactive servicing to take place.

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